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Plug'n'Play your documentation into AI support chat.

Maximize benefit from AI. Minimize risk and involvement.

The easiest AI to integrate


Create a free account with Plug-N-Play AI. No credit card required, only work email.


Link your website or PDF documentation. Allow some time for the AI to learn your content.


Test your AI support chat with any question. Tell us if we need to adjust the answers.


When you are happy, copy and paste a few lines of code into your website. Ready to go!

And we have the option to do the integration for you – just Get in touch.

GenAI / LLM models

Why Plug'n'Play AI Support?

We leverage our network of AI professionals to select only models proven to have useful practical applications. We focus on AI solutions that are:

  • Easy to integrate and easy to use
  • Maximize business benefits
  • Minimize your risk and involvement
Support time saved
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Pains we save you


At Plug-N-Play we take care of the AI behind your customer support tool – we select the best LLM model for your needs, and take care of the initial training the model.


AI customer support needs monitoring and retraining. With Plug-n-Play you get this for free! Based on questions and answers we’ll prompt you what needs improvement.

Safety and Reliability

Activating an AI chat widget is simple, but chat bots are not always reliable. At Plug-n-Play we’ve plugged-in more than one LLM tool which ensures uptime and reliability.

Is it right for you?

If you don’t have support but you have documentation; If you have support and are growing – don’t fire or hire, integrate PnP AI, it’s cheaper to train and will help you grow; If you are downsizing, firing to reduce costs, keep your best support people, integrating PnP AI will help you reduce costs without giving up support capabilities.

Also add how it works – trains from text on the website, from PDF docs, text you input, etc.

Satisfied business owners

“Installing Plug-n-Play AI customer support was very easy. We have a lot of online and offline information and it was hard for students to find what they needed. We didn’t have chat support before on our website, and this is a great new feature for our users!”

Carrie Steward​ - testimonial
Carrie Steward
David M. testimonial
David M.

“We have a lot of product data, with lots of details like sizes, temperature specifications, and what not. It was time consuming for our users to find what they needed and I’m sure we’ve lost customers because of that. Plug-N-Play chat allowed us to make use of the tons of data we have and save time for our users!”

“As the IT manager of one of the best IB schools in Germany, I needed to offer a solution for my team to optimize work efficiency with AI. I used Plug-N-Play for our internal documentation and now colleagues can do their assessments 2 times faster”

Mark Ziemer

Q&A about AI Customer Support

AI can be used in customer support in multiple areas to enhance efficiency, provide quick responses, and improve overall customer satisfaction. With Plug’n’Play you can utilize AI for customer support in the following ways:

  • Understand user queries: AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables systems to understand and interpret customer queries and respond appropriately.
  • Generate responses: AI-generated responses based on website content and documentation
  • 24/7 availability, ensuring that customers can get assistance at any time, even outside regular business hours.

Conversational AI for customer support refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies to enable natural and human-like interactions between customers and support systems. It leverages technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and chatbots to facilitate real-time conversations and provide assistance to customers.

Implementing AI in customer support is simple with Plug’n’Play. You need to create a free account and follow the easy steps: 

  • Plug: Link Content: Link your online content or upload PDF documentation. Allow some time for the Plug-n-Play AI tool to get to know your content.
  • Play: Test your AI: Play and test the AI customer support tool with real questions users ask. Tell us if you are happy with the results and what needs improvement.
  • Add to Your Site: When you are happy with the results, copy and paste the source code into your website and you are ready to go!

Yes, Plug’nPlay AI engine allows you to link website content or upload text documentation in PDF or other format. We will crawl your content and the AI will be able to access it and serve it to users depending on their requests. Create a free account and see how it works.

In case you are using our default service and you have data privacy concerns, keep in mind that the model-as-a-service is not being trained with your data. It is used to process the answer as a language model. If you still have data privacy concerns, we recommend linking only publicly available data.

In case you want to train our support chat solution with internal, proprietary data, we have custom solution with internally hosted database and language model. Get in touch to discuss the implementation of this option.

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